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commonly known as "GDPR"

Stortford Kickstart
Kickstart Protocol

Statement of Rights : Privacy Notice
Operating Procedure : Implementation Plan

Screenshot : Collection of Personal Data (Client Sign-In)
Wording - recorded
Under the Regulation, the Client has
the right to be informed - has the Client seen the Privacy Notice ? If so, tick the Box

Does Client know his or her other rights under the Regulation ?

In particular, the Right ...
of Access - does the Client know what personal data StortfordKickstart will hold ? If so, tick the Box
- the Right ...
to Object ? (tick)
to Erasure ? (tick) ...
to Rectification - to have errors in his or her data put right ?
to Restrict Processing - to have personal data kept out of the public eye ?
to Portability - to have their own copy of the document ?

... and, aside from the Regulation, does the Client also know and accept his or her responsibilities
(as regards giving authorisation, securing userID, maintaining password secrecy, etc) ?
If so, tick the Box


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